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                     VENTTURINI was founded with a view to provide top of the line services in the building industry, focusing on quality and in step with international quality standards, in compliance with the ISO 9000 Series international standards.

                   It is engaged with the world economy globalization, where quality is a synonym of high-level service together with meeting the customer’s needs.

                  :: VENTTURINI makes its services available to its customers in the following areas:

                  :: REAL ESTATE ENTERPRISES: (Own and third parties’ enterprises), from the purchase of the terrain, projects and economic and financial feasibility study, architecture and engineering (investment assessment, return rate, etc.), the enterprise management and construction, contracting of companies to launch and sell the undertaking.

                  :: PARTICIPATION IN AND ADMINISTRATION OF ENTERPRISES: With a view to the world trend towards building small-sized shopping centres (neighbourhood shopping centres), VENTTURINI has been specialising in this participation market. It works from the choice of the location of the new enterprise, its economic and financial feasibility study, it manages the investors’ participation, prepares the investment flow and its return, prepares agreements, prepares all the projects, carries out the work and operates the marketing plan together with the entrepreneurs with a view to place the product with the storekeepers. In the after-sales, it manages the shopping centre with regard to the common charges, rents, escrow accounts, etc.


São Paulo/SP/Brazil  - Phone: 5511 3677.3370 - Fax: 3677.3395

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